Last update: 2013-05-15
A service that registers a bidder to an auction.

WEBSERVICE : METHOD : AuctionAddBidder ARGUMENT : AUCTIONEER_ID [Numeric] Required | Your auctioneer ID ACCESS_KEY [String] Required | Your web service access key AUCTION_ID [Numeric] Optional | The ID of the target auction EXTERNAL_AUCTION_ID [String] Optional | The external ID of the target auction BIDDER_ID [Numeric] Optional | The ID of the bidder to register EXTERNAL_BIDDER_ID [String] Optional | The external ID of the bidder to register PADDLE_NUMBER [String] Required | The paddle number identifying the bidder in the specified auction USERNAME [String] Optional | The username that the bidder must use to log in PASSWORD [String] Optional | The paddword that the bidder must use to log in
NOTE : 1. You must specify an AUCTION_ID or EXTERNAL_AUCTION_ID, if both then only AUCTION_ID will be used. 2. You must specify an BIDDER_ID or EXTERNAL_BIDDER_ID, if both then only BIDDER_ID will be used. 3. If you specify a username or password than these values will override the bidder's login information for this auction. 4. The password can be supplied directly or as an MD5 encrypted string, unencrypted passwords will be encryped in MD5 automaticaly.
RETURNS : AuctionAddBidderResponse ON FAILURE : <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <AuctionAddBidderResponse> <Error> <Code>[Error code]</Code> <Message>[Error message]</Message> </Error> </AuctionAddBidderResponse> ON SUCCESS : <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <AuctionAddBidderResponse> <Auction> <Auction_ID>[ID of the target auction]</Auction_ID> </Auction> <Bidder> <Bidder_ID>[ID of the registered bidder]</Bidder_ID> </Bidder> </AuctionAddBidderResponse>
ERROR CODES : 00 = An unexpected error occured. 01 = Missing or invalid arguments. 02 = Invalid auctioneer id and/or access key. 03 = Could not find specified auction. 05 = Could not find specified bidder. 07 = Specified username is already used by another bidder.
EXAMPLES : COLDFUSION : <cfinvoke webservice="" method="AuctionAddBidder" returnvariable="result"> <cfinvokeargument name="Auctioneer_ID" value="0" /> <cfinvokeargument name="Access_Key" value="..." /> <cfinvokeargument name="Auction_ID" value="0" /> <cfinvokeargument name="External_Auction_ID" value="..." /> <cfinvokeargument name="Bidder_ID" value="0" /> <cfinvokeargument name="External_Bidder_ID" value="..." /> <cfinvokeargument name="Paddle_Number" value="..." /> <cfinvokeargument name="Username" value="..." /> <cfinvokeargument name="Password" value="..." /> </cfinvoke> <cfdump var=#result# /> PHP : class AuctionAddBidder { function AuctionAddBidder($Auctioneer_ID, $Access_Key, $Auction_ID, $External_Auction_ID, $Bidder_ID, $External_Bidder_ID, $Paddle_Number, $Username, $Password) { $this->Auctioneer_ID = $Auctioneer_ID; $this->Access_Key = $Access_Key; $this->Auction_ID = $Auction_ID; $this->External_Auction_ID = $External_Auction_ID; $this->Bidder_ID = $Bidder_ID; $this->External_Bidder_ID = $External_Bidder_ID; $this->Paddle_Number = $Paddle_Number; $this->Username = $Username; $this->Password = $Password; } } $soapClient = new SoapClient(""); $params = new AuctionAddBidder(0, "...", 0, "...", 0, "...", "...", "...", "..."); $result = $soapClient->AuctionAddBidder($params); var_dump($result);