Last update: 2013-08-15
A service that adds or updates an auction.

WEBSERVICE : METHOD : AuctionUpdate ARGUMENT : AUCTIONEER_ID [Numeric] Required | Your auctioneer ID ACCESS_KEY [String] Required | Your web service access key AUCTION_ID [Numeric] Optional | An auction ID to update EXTERNAL_AUCTION_ID [String] Required | An external auction ID to add or update AUCTION_DATE [String] Required | The local date & time, in the auction's time zone, at which the auction will begin NAME [String] Required | The name of the auction DESCRIPTION [String] Optional | A description of the auction AUCTION_TERMS [String] Optional | The auction's terms and conditions BUYER_FEES [String] Optional | The buyer's fees OFFSITE_TERMS [String] Optional | The offsite items terms and conditions ACCESS_TYPE [Numeric] Required | The type of access allowed on this auction 1 = Open auction, all my bidders can access this auction. 2 = Private auction, all my bidders can access this auction but only registered bidders can bid. 3 = Closed auction, only registered bidders can access and bid on to this auction. AUCTION_TYPE [Numeric] Required | The type of the auction 1 = Catalog only auction, no bidding system. 2 = Webcast auction, live (floor) and online bidding system. 3 = Timed auction, automated online bidding system only. ACTIVE [Numeric] Required | Indicates whether this auction is active 0 = This auction is inactive (not published) and cannot be seen or accessed online. 1 = This auction is active (published) and can be seen and accessed online. ASSISTED [Numeric] Required | Indicates whether a technician should be available during this auction 0 = This auction does not require any assistance from our technical support team. 1 = This auction should be assisted by our technical support team. DEMO [Numeric] Required | Indicates whether this auction is a demo auction 0 = This auction is a regular auction and no restrictions will be applied. 1 = This auction is a demo auction and restrictions to the number of item and bids will be applied. PREBID_DISPLAY [Numeric] Required | Incidates what pre-bid information should be showns on the items 0 = No information displayed 1 = Show the number of pre-bids 2 = Show the highest pre-bid amount CITY [String] Optional | The city where the bidder is residing TIME_ZONE [String] Optional | The time zone where in which the auction takes place
NOTE : 1. If you specify an AUCTION_ID, then the auction will be updated regardless of it's previous EXTERNAL_AUCTION_ID. 2. If you do not specify an AUCTION_ID, then the auction with the specified EXTERNAL_AUCTION_ID will be added or updated if it exists. 3. You can identify a time zone by name (ex.: Montreal, New York or New_York) or by value (ex.: -05:00, -5:00, -0500, -500 or -5). 4. If you add a new auction without specifying a time zone, then the auctioneer's default time zone will be used.
RETURNS : AuctionUpdateResponse ON FAILURE : <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <AuctionUpdateResponse> <Error> <Code>[Error code]</Code> <Message>[Error message]</Message> </Error> </AuctionUpdateResponse> ON SUCCESS : <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <AuctionUpdateResponse> <Auction> <Auction_ID>[ID of the added or updated auction]</Auction_ID> </Auction> </AuctionUpdateResponse>
ERROR CODES : 00 = An unexpected error occured. 01 = Missing or invalid arguments. 02 = Invalid auctioneer id and/or access key.
EXAMPLES : COLDFUSION : <cfinvoke webservice="" method="AuctionUpdate" returnvariable="result"> <cfinvokeargument name="Auctioneer_ID" value="0" /> <cfinvokeargument name="Access_Key" value="..." /> <cfinvokeargument name="Auction_ID" value="0" /> <cfinvokeargument name="External_Auction_ID" value="..." /> <cfinvokeargument name="Auction_Date" value="..." /> <cfinvokeargument name="Name" value="..." /> <cfinvokeargument name="Description" value="..." /> <cfinvokeargument name="Auction_Terms" value="..." /> <cfinvokeargument name="Buyer_Fees" value="..." /> <cfinvokeargument name="Offsite_Terms" value="..." /> <cfinvokeargument name="Access_Type" value="0" /> <cfinvokeargument name="Auction_Type" value="0" /> <cfinvokeargument name="Active" value="0" /> <cfinvokeargument name="Assisted" value="0" /> <cfinvokeargument name="Demo" value="0" /> <cfinvokeargument name="PreBid_Display" value="0" /> <cfinvokeargument name="City" value="..." /> <cfinvokeargument name="Time_Zone" value="..." /> </cfinvoke> <cfdump var=#result# /> PHP : class AuctionUpdate { function AuctionUpdate($Auctioneer_ID, $Access_Key, $Auction_ID, $External_Auction_ID, $Auction_Date, $Name, $Description, $Auction_Terms, $Buyer_Fees, $Offsite_Terms, $Access_Type, $Auction_Type, $Active, $Assisted, $Demo, $PreBid_Display, $City, $Time_Zone) { $this->Auctioneer_ID = $Auctioneer_ID; $this->Access_Key = $Access_Key; $this->Auction_ID = $Auction_ID; $this->External_Auction_ID = $External_Auction_ID; $this->Auction_Date = $Auction_Date; $this->Name = $Name; $this->Description = $Description; $this->Auction_Terms = $Auction_Terms; $this->Buyer_Fees = $Buyer_Fees; $this->Offsite_Terms = $Offsite_Terms; $this->Access_Type = $Access_Type; $this->Auction_Type = $Auction_Type; $this->Active = $Active; $this->Assisted = $Assisted; $this->Demo = $Demo; $this->PreBid_Display = $PreBid_Display; $this->City = $City; $this->Time_Zone = Time_Zone; } } $soapClient = new SoapClient(""); $params = new AuctionUpdate(0, "...", 0, "...", "...", "...", "...", "...", "...", "...", 0, 2, 1, 0, 0, 2, "...", "..."); $result = $soapClient->AuctionUpdate($params); var_dump($result);